Commitment to Community Work

Muench Yarns, Inc. takes great pride in being a proactive responsible company who contributes in our local community and believes in touching the world.

Other Community Efforts
Muench Yarns, Inc. regularly donates yarns and needles to local schools for arts and crafts. Last year our donations created a real knitting craze with our youth at local schools in Northern California. Knitting and crocheting has become the new "in" thing for young girls and boys alike. Crafts give children a sense of accomplishment and confidence. It develops patience, perseverence, teamwork, and by the way, it's fun!

Muench Yarns, Inc is involved with many other community programs including:
• Recess Renaissance: The Knitting Club at Penngrove Elementary School
• Harmony School of Occidental, CA
• Children's Hospital of Oakland
• SunRidge School of Sebastapol. CA
• Clarendon Alternative Elementary School
• Buen Dia Family School
• United Anglers of Casa Grande High School
• St. Vincent School for Boys Center
• Gynecologic Cancer Foundation

All of us at Muench Corporate Headquarters in Petaluma, CA, take an active role in helping our local community. We live it every day right here at the office. We recycle our paper products, cans, plastics, cardboard, & more. We are animal lovers and have adopted precious kitty cats.